Seeking partners for 2023 Sporthorse Project

2023 Sport Horse Project

A three-year project to discover unrecognized, under developed equine athletes with world class potential from European and North American markets, and develop, campaign and sell them to a strong American market

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Sport Horse Project Invitation

For VCs and investors searching for a rewarding project with history, traction and soul 

Equiventures Proudly Presents

The             Is... 


                      and established alternative market opportunities for investors are limited and difficult to find.  They're often intangible by nature and value stability is relatively arbitrary and difficult to gauge...


                                                                 would be a solid and rewarding option, however, it suffers a deficit of high integrity sport horse houses where both horses and buyers are evaluated and considered appropriately, where long term welfare is paramount, and where dealmaking is educated, experienced consistent and transparent.

The Equine Market

It's a big problem because... 

                      and integrity to the welfare and long term success of the horses, riders, and investors that pass through a typical sales barn aren't often the drivers in many typical sales programs.

True Expertise

                                is that horses are entering the market unsound, under developed and mis-valued. Riders are mismatched or sold through fuzzy dealmaking, jeopardizing horse welfare, rider safety, competitive success, long term value stability, and ultimately, to reputation and the market in general.

The Result

                               there is an apparently reduced viability to investors as an excellent (and rather fun) alternative investment market opportunity.  


The Solution

Tangible Value

Talent, value and mechanical soundness of the individual as it stands living and breathing before you carrying generations of proven bloodlines is evaluated through instinct, education, fires of experience and careful, dispassionate counsel.

In the end, however... it's all really proven by performance

Recognition of Diamonds

With tens of thousands of equine evaluations behind us, we are able to quietly and systematically recognize horses with specific marks of soundness, quality and development potential missed
by most.

Boutique Strength

A tidy boutique approach allows us to be responsive to individuals, and nimble to markets and opportunity while remaining rooted in consistent proven systems that make us quietly powerful, profitable and (most fun) very competitive.

A sport horse development and sales program
that offers: 

Income Horses

Sound, solid 'good citizens' that can serve as lease horses, or sell to existing clients we know to be looking for specific individuals. 3-5 | 

Development Tier

Four and Five year old raw talents that we can purchase relatively inexpensively from trusted barns in Europe to nurture and develop into top class competitors/sales.  1-5  

Flagship Tier

Five to seven year old higher level competitors to hone and compete at higher levels. Show Earners. Program brand mythology makers. Higher sales bracket earners. Client magnets.  1-2

Outlier Market Tier

The place to respond to strong or surging markets, such as hunter pony market. 1-5

Shop American and European markets to purchase, maintain, improve and campaign between 5-15 undervalued or under-developed talented sporthorses that fall under the following categories, then sell and replenish that number

Go to Market Strategy

Marketing Strategy

Building upon existing mystique and track record

Presence & Brand

Adventure luxury branding development
Website build & SEO campaign
Highly visible show campaign within existing market


Develop systematic focused progressive social media storylines targeting new lookalike audiences consistent with competitors and established industry leaders.  
Parallel new relevant luxury markets.

Breakaway & PR Campaigns

Industry specific P.R. campaigns, aligning with niche luxury products and trends


Track Record:

                     Finding, developing, campaigning and selling 3 horses ranked in the top 10 in the United States, including a United States Equestrian Federation Horse Of The Year for young jumpers, Catango V, among dozens more, with profit.

                                            with respected breeders and young horse sellers from Germany, Great Britain, France, Holland, Switzerland, Italy, Czech Republic and North America.

                                    with buyer satisfaction and potential growth.

 show record along the North American A Circuit 

Established Relationships

Established Clientele



Warm welcome invitation to barn tours and access to all show events


Dedicated Private website featuring all horses,
events and updates


Compensation to be determined with package.

We hold all of our partners, professional to equine
in highest regard
It is our hope to share in the exciting, incredibly rare magic of the equine experience with them firsthand...

Financial Partner Benefits

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